Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Dr. Patrick Briggs Answers Questions About Breast Augmentation Prices

Almost everybody gets excited whenever we hear the word sale. Although in some cases buying items that are on sale are fine, there are instances when this word does not apply and that includes breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation, a service that is offered by Dr. Patrick Briggs, has become an extremely popular type of cosmetic surgery these days. However, the words sale and discounts should be considered with caution if you plan to get this particular service. You should compare the services offered by different surgeons not only based on the price but also on the quality. It is alright to go for the less expensive option as long as high-quality standards and results are followed and given to you, respectively. When you are conducting your research about breast augmentation prices, here are some important questions that you should ask.

Who Is The Surgeon

The first thing that you should ask is who will conduct the surgery Ask for an answer upfront to make sure that the plastic and cosmetic surgeon will really be the one who will perform the procedure. You should also confirm the surgeon’s credentials. These include asking how many breast augmentations have been performed and the success rate. You should also ask where the procedure will be performed and if it is a medical facility that is approved by the Health Department. For instance, Dr. Briggs has an extensive experience in this field and you will have the peace of mind that he knows very well what he is doing.

What Are The Techniques Used

There are several techniques used when it comes to breast augmentations. Some are performed under the muscle while others are carried out over the muscle. For instance, the first one is referred to as sub-muscular placement or underneath the muscle. This technique has several benefits. First, it offers better tissue coverage thereby camouflaging the breast implant. It involves the use of a dual plane two technique for the implant to have a good relationship with the breast tissue, muscle, and skin. It also offers support to the implant thereby giving a longer lasting result.

What Are The Type of Implants Used

Asking the type and the name of the implants that would be used for the surgery is essential. You need to make sure that they are high-quality implants, come with a “quality guarantee,” and possess the approval of the Therapeutic Goods Association or TGA. You must never get an implant that is not TGA approved.

What Type of Anesthetic Would Be Used

Before you undergo the procedure, you will be given a local anaesthetic. Surgeons often give a general anaesthetic before the procedure is carried out. Meanwhile, Dr. Patrick Briggs does not use a local anaesthetic because it may lead to an overdose since the space dissected for the placement of the implant is too large. In addition, the anaesthetist is required by law to be present all the time for the duration of the surgery. However, the administration of a local anaesthetic does not.

What If Something Goes Wrong

Ask about the risks associated with the procedure. A reputable and reliable surgeon will not hesitate to talk about this as he or she will always make sure that the patient is well informed and understands everything about the surgery.